Sunday, August 29, 2010

2nd round of the French Toast Cupcakes....

Like I've mentioned in my last update, the Vegan French Toast cupcakes were extremly delicious. However I had originally wanted to add a few more tweeks, so I did, and since our family isn't vegan, we have opted to take the meat eaters, sweet toothers and combined one wonderful cupcake for everyone.
Bacon, french toast, and maple syrup in one bite...
For this cupcake, we use the origial French toat cupcake, and frostings, but this time around I fried up some bacon very the bacon was cooling, I brushed the cupcakes with the melted syrup, and then iced. After the bacon was dapped off with towels and cool enough to handle, I laid them on top of that buttercream frosting, and drizzled it with extra warm syrup..
They are delicious...If you have a brunch coming up with someone who has the milk and egg allergy impress them with these super delicious cupcakes. I believe that they are better then baking with the milk and eggs. The bacon and extra little syrup on top make you feel like you just had one HUGE breakfast.... YUMMMYYY

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  1. This last is one great dish. see it add me die la diamond whip I promise you that I've never reviewed a restaurant on Yelp, fought with someone on YouTube, re-Tweeted a pic of a hot chic with her mammary glands busting out the seams, shared a link or anything of the sort, I'm simply too lazy or I don't care enough. BUT, after finding myself on your page whenever I have free time and eagerly awaiting a new blog posting I feel compelled to breakout of my digital laziness just to say thank you. I appreciate the wealth of information that you're sharing, in fact the Sniper community appreciates it. Whether it's a blog entry or a comment you post on McCarterBrown, you always bring a sense of knowledge and know-how to the table. As a new Sniper I can always count on having my various questions answered simply by digging through the archives of your blog and for that I thank you. Should we ever meet on the field you can count on me for a free beer and a chicken sandwich with waffle fries... Thanks bro! Friv kogama